Name the new Forth Crossing

MEMBERS of the public are to get the chance to name the new Forth Replacement Crossing.

Transport minister Keith Brown this week announced details on the process for naming the new bridge. An advisory panel made up of independent civic, business and community representatives from across Scotland will be responsible for gathering and assessing suggestions from the public.

All potential options will be considered by the panel before a shortlist of the most appropriate names is produced and put to a public vote to find the most popular.

It is anticipated that the public vote and formal selection of the new name will take place in 2013. Construction on the Forth Replacement Crossing began in 2011 and is on schedule to open on budget in 2016.

Mr Brown said: “It is absolutely right that the people of Scotland have a say on the identity of this historic project and for that reason I am very happy to announce that a public vote on the naming will take place next year.

“This is an exciting project that we want the people of Scotland to take pride in and I am delighted that the people of Scotland will have the opportunity to have the final say.”

But Edinburgh West MP Mike Crockart believes it should be someone from Queensferry who gets to name the new bridge.

He said: “Those living closest to the project will have to put up with a lot of disturbance over the coming months and years and I think it is right that they should get a say in the legacy of the bridge by putting forward suggestions for its name. I really hope the panel considers the entries of local residents from Queensferry very carefully.”

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