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260711 judy murray coaching at boness tennis club.
260711 judy murray coaching at boness tennis club.
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THE SHOW-STOPPING performances of her sons Andy and Jamie have inspired many a child to pick up a racket, so it was with great delight that Bo’ness Tennis Club (BTC) welcomed Judy Murray to Harbour Road on Tuesday.

As well as putting an enthusiastic crowd of 40 youngsters through their paces at a series of practice stations, Judy gave her support to the committee’s on-going bid to rejuvenate the two courts that have lain unused for over 30 years.

A figure in the region of £80-100,000 must be raised. There’s already £1000 in the bank, and it’s hoped with the backing of Judy and Tennis Scotland, grant funding can be tapped into, boosted by cash from local businesses and residents.

The most famous mum on the circuit told the Journal and Gazette: “If children see tennis on TV they need somewhere to play that is easy to access and courts like this, in the heart of the community, are ideal.”

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