New digital plan for Linlithgow

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Plans to introduce a new way of advertising to West 
Lothian, could see a digital step forward for Linlithgow.

ADS iSigns are set to bring their interactive advertising to five areas across West Lothian, with the Royal Burgh high on their list of targets.

The iSigns allow local businesses and tourist attractions to advertise in a way which gives people a direct link to them.

By clicking on a company’s page on the iSign, a passerby will gain access to more information about the organisation, what they have on offer, directions to where they are and a contact number.

“It’s such a great interactive service,” Emma Cowan, of ADS iSigns said. “It’s basically like a big iPad, it offers so much more than just a moving sign.”

The design of the iSign allows several companies and attractions to advertise at once but the question over how it would be in keeping with the traditional image of Linlithgow has raised some eyebrows.

Owner of local business A Wee Mindin’, Yvonne Sherratt, said: “I think it sounds like a good idea but if they do come to Linlithgow I hope that they won’t take away from the image that the town has.

“People like Linlithgow because of the traditional 
elements of the area, everything from the shops, to the castle and even the lampposts is rustic. We accept that everywhere has to move with the times, but we would hope that they would be tasteful.”

Emma Cowan was quick to assure people that the signs would not detract from Linlithgow’s image. She added: “The iSigns are not large eyesores and they can be easily placed into walls, discreetly becoming a part of the town.”