New film from Falkirk Council follows the discovery of the Bridgeness Slab

Bridgeness Slab, Bo'ness.
Bridgeness Slab, Bo'ness.

“The Mark of Rome” follows the discovery of an important Roman relic, The Bridgeness Slab, in Bo’ness in the 1860s – and the local community’s efforts to have a replica made.

The original, carved distance tablet is one of the key artefacts from the Roman Antonine Wall and is now on display in the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

The film shows how lasers and hi-tech cutting equipment was used to make an exact copy of the slab and the replica’s eventual display off Harbour Road in Bo’ness, close to where the original slab was found. The area is thought to be the eastern end of the Antonine Wall, built around 140 AD.

The documentary features archive photographs, interviews with local people and shots from the replica’s unveiling ceremony in 2012. It was commissioned by Falkirk Council and made by local firm Sanctus Media. The movie was originally launched on DVD and is now being made available for free on YouTube to reach a wider audience.