New footbridge for Linlithgow

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THE FOOTBRIDGE over the railway line at Lion Well Wynd in Linlithgow is to be replaced.

Network Rail has applied for listed building consent for the bridge demolition, alterations to the wall around it, and its replacement.

The work will be carried before the planned electrification of the Edinburgh to Glasgow line to ensure the footbridge can accommodate electrification equipment underneath, and so the bridge parapets meet 
higher safety standards required.

The current footbridge is in poor condition with 
corrosion on the girders and parapets. The parapets also do not meet the safety requirements of being solid, over 1.5m in height, and there are no footholds.

With permission, a new single span steel footbridge will be installed, with anti-slip surfacing provided over the new steel deck.

The footpath will be raised with two extra steps on either side of the bridge and painted green.

Once the new footbridge is installed, existing stone will be used to re-build the listed wall. If more is needed, the British Geological Society will be contacted in order to match some new stone.