New phone bank scam

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SCAMMERS on the phone or knocking on homes need to be shown the door.

That is the advice from police and West Lothian Council’s Trading Standards team who have been fielding calls from targeted residents.

Vicki Carlin of Clarendon Road, 
Linlithgow, received a call from a man, claiming to be from the Data Protection Department of her bank, saying she was owed £700-800. After questioning the man on which bank he was calling from, he tried various options, none of whom Vicki banks with, before he hung up. The number was withheld but Vicki and husband Jim reported the incident to Trading Standards.

Jim said: “It’s a cast iron scam that people could be taken in with. If they had guessed the bank right, someone could have got taken in.”

A spokesman from Trading Standards added: “We would urge residents to be wary of unsolicited calls claiming to be from a bank or government 
agency. Never divulge personal or 
financial details to a cold caller.”

A group suspected of having criminal motives was reported to police after selling household products door-to-door. Their accents were from 
north-east England and police said to keep a look out as they were taking 
orders and bank details.

Other recent scams have included people claiming to be from Sky TV 
asking if customers want to take out winter insurance on their equipment at a discounted price.