New president lays out the plans for Linlithgow Grange Rotary Club

Rotary Club of Linlithgow Grange 2016 members
Rotary Club of Linlithgow Grange 2016 members

We will continue to offer the same services and support that we have done for the past 25 years, is the message from Linlithgow Grange Rotary Club’s new president John Reid.

The newly elected head of the group was proud to take up the role in what is a milestone year for the club as it celebrates its silver anniversary, and John was quick to lay out the plans he has for the Rotary Club while he is at the helm.

The club started 25 years ago and some original members are still active today in Linlithgow

The club started 25 years ago and some original members are still active today in Linlithgow

He said: “One of the perks of being President is you get to select the charity we will support for the next 12 months.”

John has chosen Scottish Disability Sport as the flagship worthy cause all the money from future events will go to help.

The reason for John’s selection comes down to inclusiveness.

He said: “We are working to live in a world where everyone is included.

“We want to help people see athletes for their amazing accomplishments and have no focus on their disability.”

John’s admiration for disabled athletes was sparked during his time as an official at the special Olympics in the USA.

He said he was humbled watching these inspirational athletes do what they did, despite their disability.

John said: “It made me realise that it is up to us who are able to help those who are disabled achieve the best they can by including them as much as we can.”

To raise as much money as possible for the charity, John is once again calling on the support of Linlithgow which he says has never wavered in Rotary’s 25 year history.

He said: “In just a quarter of a century the people of Linlithgow have raised an amazing £300,000.

“It just shows how willing the locals are to dig into their pockets year after year to support worthy causes.

“Everyone should be incredibly proud of this figure.

“However what it means is our events and fundraisers need to be of a high quality and bring fun to the town.”

The Rotary Club of Linlithgow Grange already has events planned out for the coming year and John is aiming to make them all as inclusive as possible.

Up first on the calender on July 16, members of the Rotary Club will be joined by disabled athletes at a flower bed the club have taken over the care of.

Then on August 29, the club is hosting its annual Golf Am/Am, where 30 teams have already signed up to the event.

Scottish Disability Sport is also putting in a team for the competition at Linlithgow Golf Club.

In September the club will attend a Linlithgow Rose game and pre-kick off will aim to inform as many people as possible about Disability Scotland and the aims of the rotary club this year.

Then on September 11, a curling event is taking place at Kinross Curling Rink where hopefully a disabled team will face off on the ice against an able-bodied team.

John said: “All these events are trying to be inclusive and involve as many people as possible. There is still plenty more to organise however.”

The new president also promised the usual programme run by the Rotary Club will not be impacted by the events lined up.

John said: “The usual programme the club runs year in year out will not be impacted by the extra events and I once again ask Linlithgow to show their support and give to these worthy causes.”

John said the club will be reflecting a lot over the past 25 years, however, they are always looking to the future and he can’t wait for his presidential year to start.