New project focuses on Bo’ness and its volunteers

SCVO wants to hear from charitable groups and individuals
SCVO wants to hear from charitable groups and individuals

An ambitious project hopes to sing the praises of hard-working groups and volunteers who are doing their bit for the Bo’ness community.

And the town has been selected to show the rest of the country how it spreads its care.

Across the district there are hundreds of people giving up time to fundraise, support and help different organisations which benefit others.

Now those families and individuals are being invited to tell the rest of the country about their good work thanks to the Scottish Council for Voluntary

Bo’ness is the focus of a unique project called Scotland’s Charity Town.

It aims to highlight and map through photography, films and case studies the many ways people in Bo’ness are connected to charity groups.

A spokesperson for the SCVO said: “We have chosen Bo’ness as Scotland’s charity town because we were struck by how active charity and community groups are in the area.

“From the Scottish Railway Preservation Society to Bo’ness United Community Football Club and the Barony Players, we plan to showcase Bo’ness as a shining example of a vibrant

“We would love to hear from local charities, volunteers and people whose lives have been touched by these types of groups.

“We are particularly eager to speak to families who connect with lots of different charities and voluntary groups who would be happy to share their experiences at an event in Glasgow in February and with the media, and local photographers who would like to volunteer to help with the project.”

Anyone interested can contact Charlotte McNeill on 0131 474 8045 or email