New scheme is drawn up for the brickworks

100712  Manuel brickworks, whitecross.
100712 Manuel brickworks, whitecross.

key proposals in the multi-million pound project to regenerate Whitecross have been withdrawn but developers insist they are still on target.

Lead project developer Morston Assets withdrew planning permission requests to Falkirk Council that, if approved, would create roads connecting the new roundabout on the A801 to Whitecross, though the former Manuel Brickworks site - a key part of the development’s first phase.

This week, the Journal and Gazette asked David Dodge of Morston Assets if the withdrawals meant there was a spanner in the Brickworks project.

He said: “We withdrew a series of applications because they were going to be ‘timed out’ – they had not been determined within Falkirk Council’s target timescale as a number of technical reports took longer to compile than we had anticipated.

“Rather than a refusal, in 
discussion with Falkirk Council, we agreed it was best to withdraw and re-submit which we will be doing after a meeting with council planners on July 18.”

Morston Assets is also in discussions with the council regarding a Section 75 Agreement which would release planning consent for the entire scheme.

It covers proposals for affordable housing, a new village primary school, a subsidy to improve local bus services, upgrading and creation of new sports facilities, including a new pitch, and the new access from the A801 to Whitecross.

It will determine the timescale and the developers in the project.

Mr Dodge hopes the new applications and the Section 75 agreement will be decided by the end of September so that work on the project can progress.

The current timetable estimates work starting early in the new year with the A801 junction open by summer 2013 and new homes ready for occupants by the end of the same year.

The ‘‘Your Whitecross’’ project proposal includes 1800 homes, a university business park centre, a neighbourhood centre and community facilities on the 200 acre site.

The first phase of the development includes 500 homes, a new primary school and a 
business network base.