News of Queen’s appointment is a rude awakening Down Under!

WQueen-elect Louise (centre) and members of her retinue.
WQueen-elect Louise (centre) and members of her retinue.

Being Queen of Bo’ness Children’s Fair has become a real family affair for Louise Wilson, even reaching the other side of the world!

Louise was chosen for the role of Queen by the pupils of Deanburn Primary which gave her parents Barbara and Robert a great sense of pride and big brother Scott (15) is also very happy for his sister.

Louise was quite laid back. She said: “When it was announced, I was quite calm.

“It was like being in a dream. I am really excited though...but maybe not as much as my mum!”

Mum Barbara explained: “We were so proud that Louise was chosen.

“At the time, my parents (Alex and Beth Cockburn) were visiting my sister in Australia and I was so excited at the news that I phoned them right away. I forgot about the time difference and woke them up in the middle of the night!”

Louise’s grandparents, her aunt Lee-Ann, uncle Craig and cousins Jordan and Callan were able to congratulate her.

The two main events of the Kirking of the Queen and the Crowning ceremony meant two dresses, two pairs of shoes and two tiaras. Barbara found dressmaker Alice Hamilton in Grangemouth – and a friend in the process.

Barbara said: “Alice is really passionate about making the right style of dresses and has given great attention to detail. Both are white. The one for the Kirking is classic in design and Kirk appropriate and the one for Fair Day is fit for a princess with frills, crystals and diamante decoration.”

The family attention continued with an outing to buy shoes for Louise and outfits for Barbara. They were joined on the trip to Glasgow by Robert’s sister Linda Thackerey and her daughters Alison and Emily and they had a ball.

Barbara chose a black and cream dress for the Kirking along with a big hat and a multi-coloured outfit and hatinator for the Fair Day.

Friends and neighbours have rallied round for the arch with the theme of “Brave”and other decorations at their home in Ewart Grove. Dad Robert has been working on the arch every night and at weekends at a farm. It is now being moved to be erected at the car park near their home. There will be decorations along the fences between the house and the car park.