Newtown Park transfer latest

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THE official transfer of Newtown Park to a community-based trust, with the aim of transforming it into a multipurpose facility in addition to a football park, moved a step closer midweek.

Falkirk Council currently holds the park in trust for the people of Bo’ness.

On Wednesday at municipal chambers, members agreed to appoint Bo’ness councillors Adrian Mahoney, Ann Ritchie, Sandy Turner and Provost Pat Reid to its current trust.

This lays the groundwork for a transfer to the proposed Newtown Park Community Trust, noted by the council as a suitable alternative public body to receive transfer of the park.

Trustees already recruited for this by a community steering group include MP Michael Connarty, Councillor Ritchie, Bo’ness United secretary Robert Snedden and local business people.

The new trust would hope to transfer the park to a limited company – the Newtown Park Association Ltd – and have charitable status by the summer.

It deems this as a more suitable vehicle for accessing funds and developing the park for community use.