No algae risk in Linlithgow Loch

250513 Kayaking on linlithgow loch.
250513 Kayaking on linlithgow loch.
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Linlithgow residents, and visitors to the Royal Burgh, can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that there is nothing sinister lurking in the waters of Linlithgow Loch.

Over the last week, the 
Journal and Gazette has been contacted a number of times, by locals voicing there 
concerns over the build up of algae in the water.

But we have been given 
assurances that this recent build up is simply linked to the heat wave that we have been enjoying, with nothing to cause any concern in the popular tourist attraction.

Forth Area Federation of Anglers convener, Jimmy Simpson (76), told the Journal and Gazette: “There is nothing for anyone to worry about with the algae build up we are currently seeing in the loch. It is quite common for this to happen when there is an increase in weather temperature.”

He added: “We have had it checked out and I can assure people that there is no toxic algae in the loch. All fishing and clubs are continuing as normal.”

A spokesperson for Historic Scotland said: “Algae is a process that occurs naturally in water with a high level of nutrients and can be exacerbated by warm weather conditions. We regularly monitor the water and alert the relevant authorities to any concerns.”