Not simply Yes or No debate

Nick Hutcheon
Nick Hutcheon

A Linlithgow man who spent a year in the Basque country studying its independence movement is to give a talk on the subject at Cameron’s cafe on February 24.

Nick Hutcheon, who is currently studying for his PhD at Leeds University, speaks Spanish, Italian and Euskara – the Basque language.

During his field work in the country from 2012 to 2013 he interviewed more than 50 activists and supporters of the independence movement.

The atmosphere at the time was highly political – a pro-independence majority was elected to the Basque parliament and 120,000 supporters of the movement rallied in Bilbao.

Nick said: “The independence movement there is much more complicated than Scotland’s.

“At next week’s talk I’ll discuss the history, background and current state of the movement and give a few comparisons to the independence campaign in Scotland.”