Off-duty lifesaver Alan to the rescue

Queensferry man Alan Armes
Queensferry man Alan Armes

Queensferry man Alan Armes helped to save the life of an elderly motorist after his car crashed into a wall.

Alan, a HM Coastguard rescue officer and former policeman, was heading into Edinburgh on Friday, November 28, with his daughter-in-law Mhairi when a Volvo driving in the oppostite direction lost control on the Queensferry Road, hitting a wall.

With smoke and steam belching from the vehicle, Alan stopped his car to assist.

Two female passengers were walking wounded but the driver was unconscious.

Alan immediately switched off the ignition, dragged him from the vehicle and started cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) while Mhairi called 999.

A passer-by, who happened to be a student nurse, aided the passengers while Alan continued CPR.

In the minutes ensuing, a police armed response unit arrived. They had a defibrillator and were able to give the man treatment to restart his heart. The man was later transported by ambulance to hospital.

Alan said: “I was pleased to see the injured man, wearing an oxygen mask, being placed into the ambulance.

“I hoped that I had been quick enough to administer CPR before any permanent damage was done.”