UFO ‘sighting’ over the Kelpies

An amateur photographer believes she may have captured a UFO hovering over the Kelpies on camera.

Working with Personal Trainer Born Barikor, pet charity Blue Cross has created a new fitness boot camp called 'Work Out Like A Dog' which sees humans doing exercises you would normally see dogs doing. Pic: Blue Cross.

Fitness boot camp launches where humans exercise like dogs

Chasing a ball and bringing it back again may sound like fun for dogs, but for participants of new fitness bootcamp Work Out Like A Dog, it’s strictly humans doing the retrieving.

Parents urged to stop pretending Father Christmas is real

Parents urged to stop pretending Father Christmas is real

Parents have been urged to stop pretending Father Christmas is real in case the “lie” damages relations with their children.

The Fraser family on the infamous 8th hole 'The Coffin' at West Lothian Golf Club. Picture: Michael Gillen

‘Putting’ his name on hole

There cannot be many golf courses with holes nicknamed The Coffin which are sponsored by a funeral director.

Chinese lantern was proven to have caused this fire

Appeal over Chinese lantern use during harvest

With the combines starting to roll across the region’s fields for this year’s harvest, the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) is appealing for the public not to release Chinese lanterns.

Westy Molly suspected stolen to order in Bo'ness

Was Westie stolen to order?

A Bo’ness Minister thinks his beloved West Highland Terrier Molly has been stolen from his doorstep.

Reply from Morrisons

Morrisons respond to ‘poo’ letter from child.

A child whose father told him that shampoo contained ‘poo’ has received a reply from Morrisons.

Kevin Ross of Growling Tums serves up Edinburgh whippet Pax some of the new range of gourmet dog food

Gourmet meals for man’s best friend

Kevin Ross of Linlithgow had an idea - albeit not what one might expect to see on Dragon’s Den - or is it?

Offbeat Jack - Sean Barry and Mike Hanrahan of Bridge8hub based at the Union Canal

Pedal power on canal

Travel on the Union Canal is usually limited to canoes and barges – and perhaps the occasional brave swimmer.

Reader Ray Clark captures ghost on film at Ferry tap in South Queensferry.

Has our reader captured a ghost on film?

Gazette reader and amateur photographer, Ray Clark of Dunfermline recently contacted us to see if we could shed any light on an image he had captured recently.

Baby Cillian speaks at age 7 weeks

Video - can a baby really speak at seven weeks of age?

A baby boy in Belfast stunned his parents, mum and dad Toni and Paul McCann by speaking his first word at just seven weeks old.


VIDEO - close call on A9

Footage of a close call on the A9 has has gone viral after being uploaded to a video sharing site showing a near miss between a car and a wood lorry north of Inverness.

Kids playhouse similar to the one where the dead rat was located

Playhouse rat is no fun says parent

A Bo’ness woman got a nasty surprise after finding a dead rat in her garden and she claimed Falkirk Council’s new bin collection schedule is to blame.


VIDEO - Sarah’s hair-raising charity shave helps children with cancer

Sarah Martin left her teachers in tears as she proved she is a cut above the rest.


VIDEO - William Hill’s Bo’ness manager takes a soaking - all in the name of charity.

Stewart Nelson, the local Bo’ness manager for betting chain, William Hill knew it was only a matter of time before he was nominated for the latest social media craze sweeping the world - The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Warren Elsmore with his Lego creation of Forth Road bridge

Road Bridge model is NOT child’s play!

A model of the Forth Road Bridge, using 10,000 bricks and standing almost nine feet tall, has gone on display at the National Museum of Scotland this week.

Forth Belle pleasure craft is hosting nude cruise

Bare truth behind cruise hire from Queensferry

They have been casting off their inhibitions, dodging midges and defying Scotland’s capricious climate for half a century.

Dead swan found mutilated at Linlithgow Loch.

Mutilated swan disgusts walker

A mutilated mute swan was found dead last week next to the children’s playpark at Linlithgow Peel.


Bo’ness boy hits the big time on YouTube

A Bo’ness schoolboy has racked up over 1.4 million hits on YouTube - with a video of himself talking backwards.

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