Video - can a baby really speak at seven weeks of age?

Baby Cillian speaks at age 7 weeks
Baby Cillian speaks at age 7 weeks

A baby boy in Belfast stunned his parents, mum and dad Toni and Paul McCann by speaking his first word at just seven weeks old.

For parents, the moment a child speaks their first word has to be one of the proudest moments they’ll share.

It’s very unusual for babies to master their first words until around the age of one, but baby Cillian appears to manage a very clear ‘hello’, albeit a very anglicised sounding one, despite only being seven weeks old.

Last week mum Toni decided to film Cillian, as all parents do, with videos regularly being dredged up at special birthdays, weddings and the like. In the 23 second clip, mum is heard gently coaxing Cillian, repeatedly saying ‘hello’.

He responds for a while with gurgles and the cute baby noises we’ve all come to expect from a happy youngster, before astonishing Toni by replying with a confident and very audible ‘hello’ in return.

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