Open all hours as council seeks to increase recycling

Recycling centres hours increase
Recycling centres hours increase

West Lothian Council is taking steps to increase recycling rates and reduce costs for local businesses.

The changes follow a review of community recycling centres which has highlighted that some changes to working practices would result in improvements in recycling.

The review also highlighted that opening hours could be altered to provide a more efficient service to customers.

From June 29 community recycling centres will open 9am–7pm Monday to Sunday in June to September (peak season) and 10am–5pm Monday to Sunday, October to May (off season).

The changes ensure that the council can better meet customer demand and ensure recycling centres are open seven days a week throughout the year.

West Lothian Council’s recycling rates fall below the UK’s highest performing councils who achieve recycling rates of 70–80 per cent from their sites.

The changes will bring the average recycling rate in West Lothian to a minimum of 60 per cent overall and see around 2300 tonnes of material diverted from landfill.

The council estimate savings of around £280,000 will be achieved.