Open week success

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THE 2011 Forth Road Bridge Open Week was this week hailed as another great success as it welcomed over 1300 visitors during the week.

This was the second time the bridge has staged such an event, and just like 2009 the response from the public has been universally positive.

Barry Colford, chief engineer and bridgemaster, said: “The 2011 Forth Road Bridge open week has been another great success. We had a fantastic response from the public – I think the enthusiasm of the bridge staff proved infectious. Even on Saturday when the weather was atrocious we had over 650 visitors and I saw nothing but smiling faces.

“It’s been a great opportunity to meet the people who rely on us to keep the bridge safe and open to traffic, and to explain the important work we’re doing here. I hope our visitors enjoyed the experience as much as we did.”

During the week over 600 people took in guided tours of the bridge’s deck and anchorage chamber. A further 30 enjoyed extended tours including a visit to the top of the main tower, after winning charity auctions on eBay and elsewhere.

The open week raised over £6,000 for good causes nominated by bridge workers, including £2,588 for the Mary Leishman Foundation, the event’s main charity.

A special exhibition celebrating the history of the Forth Road Bridge and the work of the bridge authority was open to the public. This featured displays, models, videos and interactive exhibits.