Our ironwoman Barbara-Ann’s £9,700 thanks.

Bo’ness woman Barbara-Ann Hogarth (43) is a woman on a mission, having now raised the amazing sum of £9,700 for Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland as a thanks for their assistance after she suffered a stroke.

She was working at Talking Heads as a hair stylist in June 2012 when, as she was cutting the Fair Queen’s hair, she suffered a catastrophic stroke which left her with a full left sided weakness.

Barbara-Ann said: “My life changed fully that day – it was turned upside down.

“I had no idea what was happening at first but I knew that something was wrong.”

Since then she has undertaken several fundraising activities, made all the more amazing as she was diagnosed with liver and bowel cancer just months after her stroke.

Barbara-Ann, along with her daughter Carla (13) and husband Stephen (44) have completed “Ironman”, the Edinburgh-Glasgow canal cycle, a charity evening at Fisons with Barbara Bryceland from BBCs ‘The Voice’ programme, and an abseil off the Forth Bridge – the very day she completed her first round of chemotherapy.