Paige sets Cub Scout record

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A Cub Scout from has achieved an organisation record by earning all her activity badges in just two years.

At only 10 years old, Paige McLeod has worked during holidays and with her Cub pack to gain all 33 Activity badges.

The feat has amazed and delighted her family and leaders at South Queensferry Scout Group, as she is the the first Cub in the pack to do 

Paige started earning badges with the Cubs when she lived in Suffolk. When her family recently moved to Queensferry, she joined the local Cub pack and within months she had settled in and achieved her final six badges.

After the completion of all 33 badges, she now joins the ranks of only a small number of Cubs in the UK who have achieved such a feat.

Paige said: “I really enjoyed doing all the different things to get my badges.”

Cub Scout leader Iain MacBride said of Paige’s accomplishment: ‘‘This is an amazing achievement and Paige is very much a pioneer as the first Cub Scout in our group to do this. Paige sets a great example to all our younger Cub Scouts. It’s probably just as well Paige is moving up to the Scout Troop as there cannot be any room on her Cub uniform for any more badges! Just sewing on all her badges is a major job in itself!”

Proud mum Stacey added: “I am so pleased Paige has been so determined to do this and she has had great fun doing all the different activities.” Stacey was so encouraged by her daughter’s success that she has now become a Beaver Scout leader with the local Scout Group.

Stacey added: ‘‘Paige has needed very little encouragement and has thrown herself into her badgework with great enthusiasm.”

The activities ranged from looking after pets to using IT, learning how to cook a meal, martial arts, astronomy, sailing, swimming to first aid.