Palace attracts more visitors

LINLITHGOW Palace has scored an 18 per cent rise in visitor numbers over 2011/12 in a year of record breaking numbers for Historic Scotland.

The Palace welcomed 62,733 visitors over the period when the agency experienced a seven per cent increase in footfall at its 78 ticketed sites, totalling 3,374,552 visitors.

This has generated a 13 per cent rise in income, to £31.5 million.

Fiona Hyslop, cabinet secretary for culture and external affairs, said: “These statistics speak for themselves and show that Scotland’s historic visitor attractions continue to play a vital role in the country’s tourism industry and the wider economy. Many visitors from all over the world come to Scotland to experience our rich, diverse and colourful history and Historic Scotland’s properties provide our visitors with a unique experience to see our history up close.

“The rise income is also to be welcomed as it allows Historic Scotland to continue reinvesting in the country’s important historic environment and the visitor experience they provide.”

In 2011/12, Blackness Castle also attracted 15,904 visitors, up three per cent on the previous year. The Diamond Jubilee weekend proved very lucrative for Historic Scotland with 84,643 people visiting their attractions between Friday, June 1 and Tuesday, June 5.