Parishioners’ £8000 boost for Mary’s Meals

The weather was kind when the parishioners set up their stalls for the first fete for a number of years at a local church.

St Michael’s RC Church fete held in the church grounds raised over £2500 for the charity Mary’s Meals.

The church began to support the charity last November and has now raised over £8000 which is more than is needed to sponsor a whole kitchen in one of the schools where Mary’s Meals work.

Organiser Angela Hughes said: “We are just waiting to be told which school our fundraising will actually support but the charity works in 16 different countries including Malawi and Liberia providing meals to children who would otherwise be prevented from enjoying an education due to poverty.

‘‘The provision of a meal ensures children can come to school. The charity was started in 2001 and over 900,000 children are now fed each school day by Mary’s Meals. The aim is to raise that number to a million!”

It costs £12.20 to feed a child for one year and the church particularly likes the fact that there is very little spent on overheads deducted from the money raised. As the charity largely depends on volunteers 93 per cent of all funds raised go straight to the children they aim to help.

Angela continued: “One of the best stalls at the fete was the tea and coffee stall where we must have served over 150 teas or coffees accompanied by three cakes!”

The ladies’ club also pack second-hand school bags with things that schoolchildren need like pens and pencils, shorts and T-shirt and flip flops. Already they have packed about two hundred backpacks to date.