Parking fines issued by new ANPR system

New ANPR camera system and warning signs at Regent Centre.
New ANPR camera system and warning signs at Regent Centre.

Spy cameras installed at a Linlithgow shopping complex have claimed their first victim.

Reader Scott Wilson of Linlithgow contacted us to tell us that he had received a fine in the post claiming he owed operators, Euro Car Parks £70.

The firm recently installed automatic numberplate recognition cameras at the Regent Centre.

Scott parked his car in order to enjoy a meal at a restaurant located within the Regent Centre and, after having enjoyed a drink, took the responsible route and left his car safely locked up overnight.

He said the car park was empty so he wasn’t blocking a bay and that most people enjoying a meal out will need to be parked longer than the allowed two hours.

Scott said: “I will never use either this car park or the facilities here again.

I would rather drive elsewhere and give my business to another town.

“I cannot see how this system is going to promote good business relations, when shops are resorting to borderline extortion in 
issuing penaly charges of this nature.

“All that’s going to happen is that people will take their business elsewhere, as I now fully intend to do, or, worse still, may break the law by moving a vehicle after having had a drink.”