Parking mad

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CONCERNS have been raised after some bikers in Queensferry this week showed no respect to the town’s new memorial.

Just days after a memorial to the 73 Briggers who died during the construction of the Forth Bridge was unveiled at the Hawes Promenade, a group of bikers parked their motorbikes over the sandstone base of the bronze monument.

Police will enforce parking regulations on the Hawes Promenade area to ensure that bikers do not park on the paved area again.

A local man, who does not want to be named, contacted the Journal and Gazette this week to say he was “shocked” after he walked along the Hawes Promenade last Sunday to see the memorial only to find motorbikes propped up alongside it.

He said: “I was horrified when I arrived there to find motorbikes parked on top of the freshly paved base area of the memorial and on top of the words written thereon. While motor bikes should not be parked on this pedestrian area in the first place, I and others present at the time considered this disgraceful, comparable to parking on top of a grave or gravestone.”

He even spoke to one of the bike owners to voice his opinion and concerns but was met with the remark, “I’ll park my bike where I want.”

The local resident added there were at least 15 motorbikes parked on the pavement area from the seal monument on the promenade westwards beyond the memorial.

He also highlighted the bikes were parked up in such a way they left little room for pedestrians to pass on the pavement and certainly no room for parents with prams or buggies, or wheelchair users.

He’s called for steps to be taken to keep the memorial area parking free.

Almond ward councillor Norman Work, who attended the Briggers memorial unveiling ceremony last Friday, added the incident had been brought to his attention, saying: “I am aware that bikers park in that area of the promenade on a regular basis but I would hope that those responsible will now show a little respect as the monument is a memorial and not a piece of street art.”

Sergeant Ian Watters said: “We have been highlighted to this incident and we have been making patrols of this area throughout the week and will do so again this weekend. If we find any bikes being parked on the pavement we will take positive action.”