Parking scheme starts in Linlithgow’s Clarendon area

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A CONTROVERSIAL experimental parking scheme for the Clarendon area of Linlithgow began on Monday.

The 12-month trial is the first of its kind in West 
Lothian, and will target commuter parking. Residents of Clarendon Crescent, Clarendon Road and some properties on Manse Road can apply for £20 permits to park in the street between the controlled hours of 10am and 11am, Monday to Friday. Non residents are being told to park elsewhere or risk 
being fined.

The scheme will be regularly monitored with reports submitted to a council scru-
tiny panel every four months.

Local councillor Tom Conn said: “We hope that the impact will be a positive one for the residents of Clarendon Road and Clarendon Crescent. The innovative scheme aims to reduce indiscriminate parking and meet the needs of residents many of whom have complained of this long running issue. The parking scheme is a trial and will be closely monitored on a regular basis.”

But in August, the Journal and Gazette reported that some residents vigorously opposed the scheme, as commuter parking in the area was no longer an issue due to new local parking facilities.

Barry Jareckyj of Manse Road said: “I am still perplexed that residents have to pay £20 for a parking permit – a permit could have been issued to each affected household at no cost. In this time of serious financial restraint and resource pressure on all services, including the police, should the council be considering implementing this trial scheme to a small quiet estate that now has few parking issues?”

He added that he was still in favour of action being taken on traffic black spots such as Strawberry Bank 
and Royal Terrace, where nothing has been done over the last 20 years.