Pastor prays for Molly’s return

Pastor Ken Whitelaw and dog Maisie
Pastor Ken Whitelaw and dog Maisie

Praying for a miracle is Pastor Ken Whitelaw who hopes his West Highland Terrier Molly, believed stolen to order, will be returned home safely.

Ken, the chaplain at Bo’ness Public School and Deanburn Primary, admits to being heartbroken over the missing dog.

He is appealing to whoever took Molly to return her safe and well.

The Westy had become a firm favourite with the children at both schools.

Ken said: “I had taught Molly some wee tricks which the children loved seeing her perform. She was a constant companion with me and was ideal to help the children understand about caring for others.

“Molly was a great teacher and I miss her terribly, as do all the family.

“We just can’t understand why someone would do something like this - they’re certainly not dog lovers. This is so painful. We’ve had Molly since she was a pup herself, and now her daughter, Maisie, who is just a year old, is distraught.

“She won’t leave my side and obviously knows something is wrong.”

Molly went missing on the afternoon of July 10.

An eye-witness driving in Panbrae Road had to swerve to get round a car which had pulled into the side of the road outside the pastor’s home.

The witness, looked in her rear view mirror and saw a small white dog on the pavement and assumed the male driver of the blue/purple coloured car was the owner who had stopped.

Molly hasn’t been seen since.

Inspector Chris Stewart from Grangemouth Police Station said: “We are currently conducting inquiries into the disappearance of a West Highland Terrier from outside an address in Panbrae Road, Boness on Friday, July 10.

“Anyone who remembers seeing anything suspicious in the area, or who has information as to the dog’s current whereabouts is asked to come forward or call Police Scotland on 101.”