Pat makes Hue and Cry for the Yes Campaign

Pat Kane will be visiting YES Linlithgow.
Pat Kane will be visiting YES Linlithgow.

Yes Linlithgow has secured former pop star Pat Kane, of Hue and Cry fame, to come to the town to talk about his journey to voting Yes in the Referendum.

He will be “in conversation” with Linilthgow MSP Fiona Hyslop, discussing the cultural importance of independence and the place Scotland would then have in the world.

The event will be held in Linlithgow Bowling Club on Friday, March 21, at 7.30pm.

It will be interactive, allowing the audience the chance to question Pat and Fiona about independence for Scotland.

The event is free of charge and will be followed by an informal social evening. Questions can be submitted in advance or raised on the night. Places can be booked in advance by emailing or by calling 01506 847258.

Yes Linlithgow is a local affiliate of Yes Scotland, the all-party and no-party campaign for a Yes vote in the independence referendum.