Paul really is a very special young man

Paul Knecht who saved womans life in Edinburgh.
Paul Knecht who saved womans life in Edinburgh.

A Young Queensferry man with special needs is set to be recognised, after successfully saving a stranger’s life in Edinburgh.

Paul Knecht (20), was on his way to work when a womanwalking past collapsed in front of him.

Paul approached the woman who wasn’t breathing.

He immediately checked if there was anyone nearby who could assist but, seeing he was on his own, dialled 999 and asked for an ambulance.

Paul then turned the woman over before commencing CPR which his dad, Gerard, had taught him when he was 17. He continued to carry out the lifesaving procedure until shortly afterwards the woman started to breathe again.

Paul then tried to reassure her by explaining she had collapsed before placing her into the recovery position just as two ambulances arrived.

Paul, even with his learning difficulties, explained to the paramedics what had happened before leaving them to take the woman to hospital, as he continued on to his work, wondering how he would 
explain why he was late.