Paying to park on potholes

080513 Potholes at the vennel car park, linlithgow.
080513 Potholes at the vennel car park, linlithgow.

A LINLITHGOW car park has come under criticism as it is pitted with potholes despite people having to stump up their hard-earned cash to park there.

The Vennel car park is leased by West Lothian Council to Smart Parking Limited but is causing concern as the car park surface looks more like the moon than a town centre facility.

One of the complainants said: “I popped into the car park last week as I was working in the town centre and couldn’t believe I was having to pay £3 to park in such a pot-holed space.

She added: “Right next to my car were large holes and I’m amazed there’s not been an accident so far.

‘‘Someone could very easily get hurt, either a member of the public or the staff who patrol the car park – and cars could suffer too.

“It would be good to see some of the fees paid by 
drivers re-invested into resurfacing work.”

Payment tariffs operate between 8am-6pm, Monday to Saturday, ranging from 40p for 30 minutes to £6.20 for the whole day.

But repairs may be on the horizon after the Journal and Gazette made enquiries this week.

A spokesman for West 
Lothian Council said: “The car park is leased to Smart Parking Ltd who are responsible for 
repairs and maintenance.

‘‘We have met with representatives of Smart Parking Ltd and they have agreed a schedule of repair works including the car park surface and roughcasting of walls.”

A spokesman from Smart Parking told us: “Planned car park improvement works will be completed by the end of May.”