Paying tribute to volunteer army


Sir, – I wonder how many Linlithgow residents are aware of the revised Wallace Land plan for 200 homes at Burghmuir?

When I speak to friends and neighbours, most are unaware the plans are expected to result in an additional 60 children at Springfield Primary School and an additional 35 pupils at Linlithgow Academy, together with the additional strain such numbers would put on the leisure centre, etc.

The developers held a public event at the Low Port Centre on May 15, but because it was only held from 3-7pm, I suspect many residents would have been unable to attend as they would either have been at work or busy looking after children.

The Scottish Government guidelines state that such public events should “allow members of the community to participate meaningfully” and I would argue that the developers should hold another event lasting approximately 12 hours, similar to that held by those proposing development at Clarendon Farm.

A more accessible public event would allow the people of Linlithgow to make an informed decision. – Yours etc.,

Duncan Calder

Sir, – I would like to celebrate the magnificent contribution our volunteers make across every part of CHILDREN 1ST.

Their hard work and enthusiasm enables us to directly support more vulnerable children, young people and families in our local services; ensures we can provide important national services such as ParentLine Scotland and Safeguarding in Sport; contributes greatly to our fundraising by organising events, taking part in fundraising activities, and working in our charity shops; and helps us in administration, policy influencing, finance, ICT and more.

During this year, a total of 929 volunteers in a variety of different roles, contributed an incredible 34,682 hours to the work of the charity.

This contribution of hours given by volunteers, equates to £214,682 at the minimum wage. The commitment of CHILDREN 1ST’s volunteers is humbling and inspirational.

Regardless of how long they have been involved at CHILDREN 1ST we would like to say a huge thank you to them all. – Yours etc.,

Anne Houston

Children 1st

Edinburgh EH9 1AT