Peep at the past

051112 peep at the past- mother earth
051112 peep at the past- mother earth

IT was the era of long hair and flared denim - and that was only for the men!

The 1970s has sometimes been hailed as the decade that fashion forgot but for those of us of a certain age it conjures up darkened rooms, incense and lightshows and the then radical musical genre of ‘‘progressive rock’’.

If bands like King Crimson, Emerson, Lake and Palmer and Yes took centre stage internationally then they most certainly had their amateur equivalents in bands like Linlithgow’s Mother Earth, pictured left.

The popular five-piece comprised (l-r) Davy Mason (drums), Ian King (keyboards), Kai McKay (bass); and front Simmy Henderson (lead guitar) and Jock Brown (acoustic guitar).

Mother Earth were popular in West Lothian but also gained a bit of a following in Glasgow, St. Andrews (all those earnest student types) and the Borders.

Our thanks to Mags Henderson of Priory Road, WHhitecross, for this little bit of nostalgia.