Peep at the past from Linlithgow

Summer of 1952, Linlithgow
Summer of 1952, Linlithgow

THIS smart Linlithgow Primary School crew were snapped in 1952, weeks before moving up to the Academy.

Freda Arthur (nee McIntosh) had just joined after her family moved to the town, so did not have a uniform!

Pictured: Back row - John Scott, William Gentleman, Douglas Bower, Robert Brechin, Jack Kellog, Tommy Peak, Gordon Bryant, Brian Wellington.

Second back row - Anne Chauase, Eadie Oliver, Morag Fraser, Judy Borthwick, Nancy Brown, Rosanne Bryant.

Second front row - Dolina Wood, Helen Hunter, Mary Irvine, Wilma Murray, Margaret Richardson, Peggy Fleming, Freda McIntosh.

Front row - Bobby Shannon, James McCabe, Bobby Hume, John Hodge, Hugh McColl, David Cochrane, Bobby Croshier.