Are you ready for winter?

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West Lothian’s pupils can be one of the most affected groups during bouts of severe winter weather, particularly if there is a need to close a school.

Head of education Jim Cameron said: “One of the most important actions for parents and carers to do is check that their child’s school has up-to-date contact details so that messages via GroupCall can be communicated effectively.

“GroupCall is the first method of communication in the event of a closure or school disruption, so it’s very important that the school has the most up-to-date contact details.

“Whilst the message will also go out via websites, apps and social media, GroupCall is the main method for schools. If there’s no GroupCall message, then there is no major disruption at the school.

“Parents/carers should also note that it’s their responsibility to decide on whether their child/children should travel to school during winter weather. It’s not for the school staff to tell parents whether their child should come to school unless, of course, the decision has been taken to close the school due to weather conditions. The school can only make a judgement based on the condition of the school building and immediate area outside a building. They can’t make a judgement based on individual streets, roads and paths for every child.

“In extreme weather conditions such as snow, parents/carers should carry out an assessment as to whether they consider it safe.”

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