Birthday party for Boys’ Brigade

Second Linlithgow BB brigade reaches 40
Second Linlithgow BB brigade reaches 40

When people reach a milestone birthday, they can choose to celebrate in style.

And that’s exactly what the 2nd Linlithgow Boys’ Brigade are doing for their 40th birthday.

The organisation are holding a special birthday bash on Friday, February 28, at 7.30pm in The Burgh Halls.

If you are a former member or friend of the 2nd Linlithgow Boys’ Brigade, whatever your connection – they would love to see you there.

Tickets are on sale now from David MacKenzie at

The group are currently raising money for the Boys’ Brigade “Raise the Bar” appeal so that the organisation can help more young people live life to the full.

The evening will also be a great opportunity to share stories, and involve former members in projects that are currently being worked on, as well as looking at a range of local memorabilia.

John Sharp for Boys’ Brigade Scotland, commented: ““We are delighted to recognise and celebrate 2nd Linlithgow Boys’ Brigade’s 40th birthday. Reaching 40 years is a fantastic achievement, and it is impossible to give enough recognition to the many individuals who have given time and energy to ensure that young people have had opportunities to live their lives to the full in Linlithgow.

“Such occasions are always a good time to reflect upon successes and achievements. There is fantastic work being carried out by the young team of leaders, and we are excited to see them take 2nd Linlithgow from strength to strength.”