Bo’ness man believes he is oldest person in town

A Word War Two veteran, who believes he is the oldest living person in Bo’ness, has been recalling his near century of life in the town and the changes he has seen in his time.

Friday, 2nd October 2020, 8:01 am
Alex McIntosh (98) with a photograph of him and his late wife Agnes. Pic: Michale Gillen.

Alex McIntosh (98) spent his childhood in a house with two rooms along with his five brothers, three sisters, parents, uncle and grandparents, and has lived at Forthview Crescent since 1953, the year of the Queen’s Coronation.

He said: “I’m the oldest living person in Bo’ness, I’ll be 99 in March. I have lived and worked here all my life. I grew up in the Old Miller Pit up Harbour Road. There was a room and a kitchen for 14 of us.

“I worked in the Timber Yards aged 14 for nine shillings a week. Then I met my wife and got married in 1942.”

WWII veteran, Alex McIntosh (98) with one of his war medals. Photo: Michael Gillen.

Recalling the war, Alex, said: “I was married on July 20 and called up the next day!

“I ended up in the Far East and was out there when the war with Japan finished and the Second World War was officially finally over.

“I was in hospital when I heard the news. It was like getting a lottery win. I came home in time for Christmas 1946.

“When I came back from the war I got a job painting buildings. I also worked in the potato factory and as a postman.

Alex and Agnes.

“I’ve seen big changes in the town. All the timber yards and pits have closed now.

“People used to walk to work. Everyone worked local. Most people have to travel to work now, in say Edinburgh or Glasgow, that’s the main change I’ve seen in Bo’ness in my lifetime I’d say.”

One of the saddest things for Alex has been seeing his loved ones pass away. He said: “My wife Agnes died nine years ago, aged 88. That was a big loss. A big change for me.

“We moved into our house at Maiden Park in 1953 and I’ve been here ever since. We were the first people to live in this house and therefore the only people to live in this house.

“I have never wanted to leave, it’s home sweet home.

“I have a daughter, Nancy Kilgallon, four granddaughters and one grandson. I have lost count how many great grandchildren I have!”

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