Bowling club closes down

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One of Scotland’s oldest bowling clubs has had to close its doors permanently after a decisive vote at the club’s AGM.

The writing was on the wall last September as Bo’ness Bowling Club confirmed that due to dwindling numbers in membership the bowling aspect would have to be shelved as both the men’s and women’s sides were unable to consistently field a team.

And on Wednesday evening last week, of the 26 members who attended, only six wanted to keep Bo’ness Bowling Club open as a social venue.

The club has a couple of functions it will honour, but is set to shut down at the end of March and the land will be sold. One party is reportedly already interested in buying the land.

Bob Keltie, secretary of the club, said: “It’s a sad day after 154 years of the club’s existence. Most of the members have moved on and joined other clubs.

“I predicted this would happen years ago – members weren’t getting any younger. Folk are interested in different things. Young people aren’t interested in playing what is essentially an old man’s game.”