Bus pass for split parent kids?

Cllr James Kerr
Cllr James Kerr

Falkirk Council has promised to look at how pupils who split their time between two parents’ homes could be given bus passes to travel to school from both houses.

At the moment, pupils can only get a bus pass from one location to school, as independent councillor James Kerr pointed out to the Education, Children and Young People executive.

He said it was time Falkirk Council recognised that these days family living arrangements are often not straightforward.

He said: “Society has changed and there are many one-parent families and many who are separated but are still a family.”

He said he had been contacted by one dad who has to spend £30 on bus fares every month when his children stay with him.

Councillors asked for more detail on how many families this would affect – but they were told this might be difficult to find out.

Children’s Services boss Robert Naylor said he was reluctant for the department to use discretion in this situation as it was better to have clear policies that did not change.

But he promised to look at ways to resolve the problem as councillors agreed that it was important to recognise that there have been many changes to the traditional family in Scotland.