Enjoy The Linlithgow Players from the comfort of your armchair

The Linlithgow Players have been busy working on a collection of monologues to bring an entertaining theatrical experience to a screen near you.

Friday, 20th November 2020, 6:38 am
Judy Barker in her monologue Ceilings, part of The Linlithgow Players' Armchair Theatre production.

The ticketed online event next week is designed to allow you to enjoy local theatre from the comfort of your living room.

You can tune in on either Thursday or Friday (November 26/27) at 7.30pm to see Armchair Theatre, a varied selection of comedy and drama, all filmed in or around Linlithgow. The main event will be the winning monologues from the Players’ recent writing competition. With six original pieces being premiered.

The group’s secretary Sue Vizard, who is also an actor and director for the amateur drama group, said: “The monologues have been pre-recorded but there will be MCs introducing them. The whole thing will be about an hour and 20 minutes/ half an hour.

A still of Ian Stewart from 'Mr Crumble and Lady Gaga', one of The Linlithgow Players Armchair Theatre monologues.

“We are also giving people the opportunity to comment. And each evening we will allow people to choose their favourite prize winning monologue.

“The monologues are written mostly local, all amateurs. They reflect different elements of life. A lady in a doctor’s waiting room telling a fun story about Christmas, a couple of young actors talking drama lessons and another one with a girl going a bit loopy in a block of flats during lockdown.

“We are hoping to pull a few heartstrings as well as provide some laughs. With something for everyone. It’s aimed at over 12s.

“The monologues have been filmed in our houses over the past few weeks. The one I acted in I had to film myself.

A still of Karen Gallie in 'Stained Glass', part of The Linlithgow Players' Armchair Theatre production.

“This is now another string to our bow. Goodness knows how long theatres will be closed or what it will be like when they do open again. We decided to do this as our monologues between us on Zoom were getting better and our producer Liz Drewett had the amazing idea of doing this.”

Sue reflected on what has been a tough year for the group, and the arts in general.

She said: “We have had an interesting year since lockdown. We have been doing monologues on Zoom between us members of the club, so we have been practicing on our PCs, picking up tips online.

“We have needed to film ourselves on the whole. As much as your partner loves you, when you are on your 30th take they want to walk away!

A still from Sue Vizard's monologue 'Selene’s Christmas', part of Armchair Theatre by The Linlithgow Players.

“Art comes from challenges and you find ways to entertain folk. The main problem is we wont have live interaction with an audience. We really miss that. So it wont be the same.

“Although, on the grand scale of things an amateur dramatic group not being able to get out and about is not that high.

“I’m hoping it’s not the norm going forward but it’s letting people know that if they interested in ‘am dram’ they would be welcome to get involved with us. And if they are missing our ‘play and wine’ nights and pantomime and want something different from watching shows on the telly then they can go online and watch our monologues next week.”

As well as the competition monologues, Armchair Theatre will also feature performances by the Players of ‘Balcony Bonding’ by Rachel De-Lahay and ‘What are the Chances?’ by Kellie Powell.

A still of Francesca Smart in Drama Queen, part of Armchair Theatre by The Linlithgow Players.

The production team for the event is Liz Drewett, Thérèse Gallacher, John Barker.

Tickets for Armchair Theatre (£5) are available at www.linlithgowplayers.org.uk.