Falkirk Council questionnaire reveals local feelings about facilities

Bo'ness town hall.
Bo'ness town hall.

A controversial questionnaire has told Falkirk Council that most local people do not want to travel further to use better facilities.

The online questionnaire – which was heavily criticised when it was released – had 1743 responses and 63 per cent of them said they would not be prepared to travel further to use improved leisure facilities.

The online consultation ran alongside focus groups in Denny, Bo’ness and Grangemouth, and those taking part agreed that schools could be used more. However, they did raise concerns about access to school buildings outside school hours and public transport links.

There was strong support for the council retaining Bo’ness Town Hall and people in the town’s focus group also felt that libraries were an important resource. They argued that a building should not be disposed of if there is no alternative building offering the same service and there were concerns raised about how much is expected of volunteers.

Just over one-third of those responding said they would be consider volunteering to help run community facilities