Falkirk Council residents able to track gritters on new real-time map

01-11-2019. Picture Michael Gillen.
01-11-2019. Picture Michael Gillen.

Falkirk Council has launched a new real-time map on its website that will allow residents to track its gritters and see exactly where they are.

The local authority hopes that making the information readily available will stem the hundreds of calls the council receives every winter with questions about the service.

You can track them at www.falkirk.gov.uk/gritting. 

This winter they are also introducing a new automated system that uses GPS to ensure the right amount of grit required for each stretch of road.

And they have 1200 grit bins in place to allow the community to help themselves, all of which can be seen online at www.falkirk.gov.uk/maps-local/roads-parking-transport/road-gritting-priorities.aspx.