Fire fails to stop Kinneil Band playing

Kinneil Band has bounced back from their hall being badly damaged by fire, doing what they do best and playing music for local people.

Friday, 16th August 2019, 8:09 am
Kinneil Band has carried on playing this summer despite a fire sweeping through their band hall in June. Here they are pictured at the Corbie Inn this summer, where members picked up a cheque from the Boness Real Ale Society.

Blydon Hall, which houses the band, is next to Bo’ness United’s stadium, where a fire started on June 4. The flames quickly spread to the band hall after a fire started in rolls of astroturf.

The band hall was severely damaged, leaving members devastated. The band lost decades worth of memorabilia and instruments.

Since then band members have been keeping busy, honouring their summer commitments despite the fire.

Fiona Drury from the band, said: “We’ve managed to secure temporary premises to rehearse in Grangemouth.

“We are very grateful to the Richmond Park and our friends at Bo’ness and Carriden Band who let us rehearse at their accommodation over the summer.

“We are continuing to work with our insurance company on restoring the band hall to its former glory.”

The fire in June has failed to stop Kinneil Band doing what they do best.

Fiona added: “It’s been a busy summer for us!

“We were invited to play at the Falkirk Stadium by Falkirk FC and enjoyed playing to all the Falkirk and Livingston fans on July 13.

“And we played at Fiaz’s 25th anniversary celebration at the Maiden Park Post Office on July 27.”

The band has been busy fundraising, with a concert due to take place next week at the Bo’ness Old Kirk.

Fiona is thankful for all the support the band has received since the fire.

She said: “We were very grateful to receive a donation to go towards costs for our forthcoming trip to the National Championships of Great Britain from the Bo’ness Real Ale Society.

“We received the cheque at the Corbie Inn where it was a pleasure to play for those enjoying a drink in the sun.

“We also want to say a huge thank you to the Bo’ness Fire Fighters who did a car wash to help raise funds for us and the Fire Fighters Charity.

“A small group of band members were also able to play at this event.

“We continue to be so grateful for all the support received.

“We’ll be holding a concert at the Old Kirk on August 22 and we will also be at the Linlithgow Care Home on August 24 to play for our friends there at their summer fete.”