‘Gentle giant’ Thor has his last tub of Mr Whippy

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Linlithgow bid farewell to a larger-than-life character as big, cuddly Thor died after suffering heart problems.

The St Bernard dog, who weighed 90kg and was 6ft 4 standing on his hind legs, had become well-loved amongst children and adults alike who would regularly bump into him in the High Street and be in awe of his size.

Thor, the gentle giant, was just two years old when he died after suffering from cardiomyopathy.

He got his name from his marking on his back which looked like a lightning strike.

Owner Alan McNicoll said: “It was unexpected. We’re devastated, he was a big part of the family. He loved going out and meeting people, that’s when he was in his element.

“Kids used to come and give him a cuddle – he loved the attention. In fact, he would get annoyed if people didn’t make a fuss of him.

“He never walked past the ice-cream shop, he would just stop at the front door at Kelly’s until he got a tub of Mr Whippy.

“Then sometimes we’d stop at Wellbreads and they would bring him out sausages.

“He was a larger-than-life character and will be sorely missed.”

Scores of residents left their sympathies on Facebook to the family Alan, Susan, Lynsey and Heather.