Get in your car to see Santa at Conifox Adventure Park

Conifox Adventure Park has announced the return of its sell-out Christmas experience this year, but with a 2020 socially-distanced twist.

Friday, 23rd October 2020, 3:05 pm
The Conifox Adventure Park Christmas team.

Due to ‘elf and-safety’, visitors will now meet Santa and his gang in a drive-thru experience in their winter wonderland, but at a safe distance.

Driving through the park stopping at various points visitors will enjoy scenes and actors in the Toy Workshop, the Reindeer Flying School, Mrs Claus’ Kitchen, the Enchanted Forest and most importantly, Santa’s Livingroom, where you will meet the big man himself.

From December 3-23, tickets for what is believed to be Scotland’s only drive thru Christmas experience will be available from 2-4pm (£20 per car) and 4-9pm (£25 per car).

James Gammell, director of Conifox Adventure Park, said: “In a year of uncertainty, we are all eagerly awaiting Christmas and the arrival of Santa.

“Here at Conifox Adventure Park we are honoured that the main man himself has chosen us to make a pit-stop before the big day, inviting all our favourite families down to say hello.

“With everything from a trip to the magical elf village in the Enchanted Forest, to a quick stop to see Mrs Claus, this immersive experience will see their little faces light up and with the magic and wonder of Christmas all around, it will spark the imaginations of the big ‘kids’ too!

“Remember, before your sense of Christmas wonder takes over and you are too entranced and enraptured to think of anything else, why not pop to the catering drive-thru, which will be offering festive food, a BBQ, chips, ice cream and coffee, and maybe a carrot or two for the reindeer.”

Due to government guidelines, Santa will not be able to handout presents to the visiting children, but he suggests bringing wrapped presents with you, hiding them in the boot of the car and seeing them magically appear after the family has met with him.

The drive will take around 20 minutes, with actors, waving and engaging with visitors from the safety of open marquees.

Tickets are available now and are subject to additional government guidelines.

They can be purchased via