IN PICTURES: The Ferry Fair 2016

The sun may have struggled to break through the clouds but it didn’t stop the South Queensferry community having a fabulous Ferry Fair.

Ten-year-old Martha Maxwell was in the spotlight as the parade wound its way through the royal burgh.

Pictures: Alistair Pryde

Pictures: Alistair Pryde

The Ferry Fair Queen-Elect was joined by lots of youngsters who made up her court decked out in their finery.

They had all spent the last few weeks in rehearsals for the big day and their efforts paid off with a fabulous coronation at the waterfront.

Tasked with the important role of crowning the new Queen was Gracious Lady Jean Meldrum.

The Ferry stalwart summed up the experience as “an absolutely fabulous day”.

A former distillery machinist, the 69-year-old, who wore a white, blue and lilac outfit, enjoyed the proceedings from start to finish.

She said: “It was really quite overwhelming. I think I know most people in Queensferry and it was great to be able to see them as the parade made its way to the crowning.

“I quite surprised myself that I wasn’t nervous or too emotional which I thought that I would be.

“Martha is such a pretty little girl and she made a lovely Queen.

“I hoped that I managed to put her at ease with a little laugh and joke.

“But all the children in the court were tremendous. They looked fabulous and carried out their duties so well.

“It was a great day for Queensferry and I’m honoured to have been part of it.”

She was watched by the full Meldrum clan – husband Andrew, daughters, Christine and Ann, along with grandchildren Rebecca, Jessica and Leo.

Martha, who wore a stunning white, lace-trimmed gown, was the star of the day and carried out her duties beautifully.

The St Margaret’s Primary School pupil admitted to being “excited but also quite nervous” prior to her big day.

But while Martha was the centre of attention, her garden also collected lots 
of admiring viewers as people turned out to wish her well.

Mum Gillian Maxwell explained that the idea for turning it into the forest from Narnia was because it’s Martha’s favourite book.

It was also filled with all the characters from the popular tale.