Kirkin’ of Queen a success

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Bo’ness’ final event before the Fair Day on Friday was hailed a huge success.

The Kirkin’ of the Queen was held on Sunday with Queen Elect Andrea Robertson and her retinue taking the service at Craigmailen Church.

The official Bo’ness Fair Website said: “Pastor Frank Hartley gave a warm welcome to the church before former 2012 Bo’ness Public School duo Queen Nicole Bell and Chief Lady Carla Hogarth did the introduction.

“Champions Lauchlan Muir, Chief Lord in Waiting Cole Reid and Queen Maddison did great readings. Nicole Bell did a solo performance of Ed Sheerin’s song Photograph while Carla Hogarth danced to the tune.

“Queen Elect Andrea and Chief Lady Reese did some readings and Pastor Hartley presented Andrea with a bible.

“Finally, Frank McGarry read the winning poem from Fiona Mitchell who won the Helen Ward-Birkby Cup for best story/poem on “My Fair Day”