Linlithgow businesses spread love online

What better time of the year could there be to spread the ‘Love Local’ message urging townsfolk to support shops and other businesses as they grapple with the devastating impact of the pandemic?

Thursday, 28th January 2021, 7:09 am
A Valentine's display at Complete Health on Linlithgow High Street.

With Valentine’s Day looming, the slogan for a one-day online digital market being set up by One Linlithgow is ‘Lovin’ Local in Linlithgow’.

To be held next Saturday, February 6, this special local businesses event is a follow up to the hugely successful pre-Christmas digital market which provided a big boost to businesses who earlier this month were suddenly faced with lockdown again.

Already, over 25 businesses, some small home-based artisan enterprises producing soaps, jewellery, fabric bags and knitwear, have signed up on, along with more established businesses on the High Street and elsewhere in the town.

One Linlithgow logo.

These include Fair Trade Winds, with its wide range of ethically produced merchandise, former Scottish Independent Bookshop of the Year, Far From The Madding Crowd, health food shop Complete Health, and Linlithgow Distillery at Mill Road, whose range of gins proved the biggest hit of the Christmas digital market.

Eddie Linton-Smith, manger of One Linlithgow - which represents all the town’s businesses - said that items ordered on February 6 would be delivered by Valentine’s Day on the 14th.

Encouraging local people to get involved with this latest digital market, he said: “We’re giving particular attention to the ‘close contact’ businesses which have been the hardest hit of all.

“You might not be able to treat your partner to a pampering massage, makeover or new hair style quite yet, but businesses will be offering special deals through vouchers, which can be slipped in a Valentine’s Day card.”

Added Mr Linton-Smith: ”From bricks-and-mortar retailers to fledgling artists and artisans, every penny spent on the market benefits a local business.

“One Linlithgow doesn’t charge sellers anything, and we are absorbing all charges from the online payment platform. Now is the time to rally together and support one another.”

Sandra Batchford, who runs Complete Health on Linlithgow High Street along with her husband Paul, said they had done really well from the Christmas digital market and were looking forward to the Valentine’s one.

She said: “It’s really great that One Linlithgow are doing this, particularly for businesses which are forced to shut.

“We’re fortunate in being able to stay open, but the digital markets are brilliant.

“It gets the word out - we’ve had quite a few new customers who didn’t realise we existed.”