Linlithgow cafe owner shuts up for retirement

David McEwan outside his business "David's Deli", formerly Linlithgow Delicatessen, in Linlithgow High Street.
David McEwan outside his business "David's Deli", formerly Linlithgow Delicatessen, in Linlithgow High Street.

A cafe in Linlthgow closed its doors last Saturday with its owner set for retirement after nearly three decades serving the community.

David Galbraith(73) took the tough decision to close David’s Deli and coffee shop (formerly Linlithgow Delicatessen) in Linlithgow High Street, 27 years after he took on the shop

He said: “Being nearly 74 I just felt it was time to go. I have met that many folk in the town, people coming and going, so really I have ran my course, I was tired. That was the main reason I decided to shut the shop.

“It’s on a council lease so I’m not selling the shop to someone else to carry on, I’ve just ended the lease. There is a lot more competition now, cafes going up everywhere. So I felt it was time to go.”

Speaking about the shop’s last day, David added: “It was a sad day. The place was chock a block. It’s only a tiny place. So to keep it going for that long is a big thing. I have seen supermarkets come and go here in that time.

“I have very happy memories of the place.

“It was emotional. I thanked everyone I saw but there will be people that only come once or twice a month, so there will be people that don’t know we were closing and will turn up to a shut shop.

“So I would like to thank all my customers over the years.”

Since David took on the business in 1992 the shop has been popular with locals and celebrities alike, including Cliff Richard, Judy Murray and Alex Salmond.

He said: “It was a meeting place for mostly older folk. It wasn’t a young person’s cafe.

“I want to show my appreciation for my customers’ loyalty over the years. There are people who have been coming here from almost day one and were still coming.

“I will be sad for them. They will need to find somewhere else, but there are plenty cafes in Linlithgow, so they won’t be stuck.

“I have had quite a few famous people in here over the years. Cliff Richard popped in about 25 years ago when he was doing a show in Edinburgh. Alex Salmond and Tam Dalziel were regular customers, and not long ago Judy Murray popped in for something to eat.

The popular shop’s closure has even led one of its customers to express his thoughts in verse with a poem. An extract of Norman Cummings’ piece is below.

This will make the news and Scottish tele,

The closure of our David’s Deli.

I’ve heard Cliff Richard is rather sad,

Though the Costa Coffee are really glad.

David, take pride in what you’ve done,

A cafe of laughter and food with fun.

You deserve the rest, break from strife,

Now is the time to enjoy your life.

So, go out with Netta, have a ball

And from your customers, it’s Thanks from All!