Linlithgow cleaner steps up to motivate others

A cleaner who walked over one million steps in just seven weeks has motivated her colleagues to get moving.

Tuesday, 6th April 2021, 3:52 pm
Updated Tuesday, 6th April 2021, 3:58 pm
Elizabeth Nisbett from The Donaldson Trust walked over 495 miles during a bespoke eight-week walking challenge.

Elizabeth Nisbett, a cleaner at The Donaldson Trust in Linlithgow walked over 495 miles during a bespoke eight-week Step Count Challenge hosted by Scotland’s walking charity, Paths for All.

The achievement inspired the charity’s director of people and operations, Liz Delaney to also walk one million steps in eight weeks.

Elizabeth went on to motivate 15 of her colleagues throughout the Step Count Challenge, with an additional 10 employees taking part for fun.

Lisa Miller, human resource lead at The Donaldson Trust, was also inspired and set out on her own charitable challenge by walking 75 miles in 10 days for Mary’s Meals.

She said: “I can’t speak highly enough about the positive impact Paths for All’s Step Count Challenge had on our organisation.

“The Trust recognises the importance of keeping staff fit and active during the working day and walking is certainly the most accessible and inclusive activity for us to take part in.

“The challenge really spurred everyone on and it actually got quite competitive whilst bringing people together.

“After the Step Count Challenge, I felt inspired to continue walking and decided to walk 75 miles in 10 days for the charity Mary’s Meals.

“With a friend, I walked the equivalent of Glasgow to Dalmally and raised over £5,500. Had it not been for the challenge increasing my fitness and motivation, I wouldn’t have even considered taking on this quest.

“For all of us it has made us think differently about keeping active whilst we were still in the workplace: climbing stairs instead of taking the lift, walking to someone’s desk instead of sending an email, and even going on socially distanced walking meetings.”

The Trust also picked up Paths for All’s Walk at Work Award which aims to engage inactive workplaces.

Lauren Watkins, the Trust’s human resources admin assistant, said: “The challenge encourages you to communicate and interact with new people within your organisation and ultimately leads to better working relationships.”

She added: “There is also a competitive edge to it. I found myself one Monday morning lagging behind on the leader board and it spurred me to walk further and catch up with the rest of my team. Everyone is so supportive, and I would recommend it to other businesses.”