Linlithgow hero's pressing fundraiser

This month’s Linlithgow Local Hero Award winner is Hazel Sneddon, for raising money for the Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery Unit at Glasgow Queen Elizabeth's University Hospital.

Friday, 23rd April 2021, 10:38 am
Updated Friday, 23rd April 2021, 10:39 am
Hazel Senddon doing her press ups in Linlithgow town centre

Hazel (55) created 'Press-up-for-Parkinsons', doing over 20 press-ups each day around Linlithgow Peel and inside Taste Deli when it has been wet outside. In doing so, Hazel has raised an incredible amount of money, receiving over £2000 in donations.

Hazel, who herself suffers from the disease, created 'Press-up-for-Parkinsons' after she was inspired by seeing people at Linlithgow Peel training with social social distancing in place.

Local residents have been in awe of Hazels fundraising efforts and have been showing her encouragement and support along the way.

Hazel Senddon (age 55) has been raising money for the Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery Unit at Glasgow Queen Elizabeth's University Hospital.

Hazel said: "I can do a press-up, and that’s how it began, 20 or 30 a day. I amazed myself .

“I don't know where I got the strength from, it must have been the surge of support hitting my brain!"

Hazel is waiting to go to hospital for a brain stimulation operation to help with the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

She has been attending Glasow Elizabeth University Hospital for the last two years, going through testing to see if she meets the criteria for deep brain simulation surgery, and is finally on the pathway for it next year.

She said: "I have had Parkinson's for the last six years.

“I have mainly tremor, painfull cramps and spasms. My symptoms are well controlled with medication, which have side effects like any other drug.

"If you know someone that has Parkinson’s they are probably nothing like me, as the disease effects everyone differently."

A spokesperson for Westport Vets said: “Hazel is a truly inspiring individual.

"Setting herself courageous fundraising goals in a task which is physically challenging and is bravely completing this out in the local community. A phenomenal act of kindness to others, an inspirational role model.

Hazel added: "Thank you everyone who supported me during my challenge. Thank you to all the people who donated all the cash! I still cannot believe that the total is over £2000!

"Please remember, I have Parkinson's but it doesn't have me"