Linlithgow on track to be cycling hotpsot

A national campaign to get people on a bike has stepped up a gear in Linlithgow, which is on track to become a cycling “hotspot” in Scotland.

Thursday, 3rd September 2020, 6:55 am
Matthew Ball is a keen cyclist and Linlithgow Community Development Trust Director, working on developing their Cycle Circuit project.

With enthusiastic support from various local charitable bodies, townsfolk of all ages are being encouraged to spend as little as 10 minutes a day on a bike during ‘Cycle September’, and enjoy the many benefits the fun activity brings.

This fits in neatly with the ongoing ambitious project to create the West Lothian Cycle Project next to the Xcite Linlithgow Leisure Centre, which has already attracted substantial crowdfunding and other support.

It will attract elite and competitive cyclists, but its aim is to encourage everyone of all ages and abilities to take up the pursuit. The circuit will consist of a six-metre wide tarmac with four interconnecting loops totalling 1-metre, floodlit for year-round evening use.

It is designed to be a safe space for children learning to ride, adults wanting to become more active and build up their cycling confidence, and people with disabilities riding hand cycles or adaptive bikes.

The circuit will also be open to competitive athletes, triathletes, and joggers.

Mattew Ball, who is the director on Linlithgow Community Trust working on the Cycle Circuit project, said that it had been great seeing more and more people of all ages out on their bikes in the town over the last few months.

He said: “This project is really about encouraging all ages and abilities to develop cycling skills, confidence, be healthy, and above all have fun!”

The trust is doing all it can to encourage people to take part in Cycle September

A keen cyclist himself, Mr Ball said he had recently talked to a friend who was an inexperienced cyclist, but was enjoying it as an eco-friendly way to get round town.

He said: “She’s quite nervous about cycling on the roads, so she is really looking forward to practising and building up confidence on the Cycle Circuit.”